Genevieve Bent

Why I take pride in my natural hair when I'm teaching

Science teacher Genevieve Bent grew tired of making her Afro locks ‘acceptable’ in the workplace, so she ditched her straightened 'do for a range of styles that better reflect her identity and that of her students

Why I take pride in my natural hair when I'm teaching

How much does hair matter? To many people, not a lot. If you are a “wash and go” type of teacher, you probably pay little attention to what’s happening on your head. But my hair has always been a part of my teacher identity – equally as important (or even more so) as the suit I choose to wear into school each morning.

Yet my hair hasn’t always looked the same. When I first started at my school, just over five years ago, I had a long weave, which
the girls in my classes loved. It was ombre (a colour technique of graduation from darker to lighter tones) and I felt great with it in. 

Over ...

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