Kat Arney

Why we need a little give and tech

Technology is often portrayed as a mindless distraction, useful only for destroying pupils’ attention spans. But, as Kat Arney finds, research shows the truth is a little more nuanced than that. And there are many ways to harness the power of ed tech for good in your school

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In 370 BCE, the Greek philosopher Socrates warned that this new-fangled business of writing would lead to forgetfulness in students if they no longer had to remember everything. The advent of the printing press in the 15th century and television in the 20th century sparked the same moral panic: technology was a dangerous force set to rob our young of their senses, turn brains to mush and leave society in ruins.

We see a similar demonisation of the newest breed of technology. Detractors argue that “modern” technology – in the form of the internet, social media, smartphones, streaming sites and ...

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