Emma Sheppard

Workload: Why teachers must resist pointless presenteeism

This toxic culture where teachers are expected to work far beyond their allotted hours is poisoning our education system and driving people from the profession. We must and we can change it, insists Emma Sheppard

Workload is pushing away our teachers

It is likely that we have all experienced or perpetrated cultures of presenteeism, or had them held up as a model of good working practice – teachers celebrated for working into the night, offered a promotion for “working beyond” their role or given a nod of approval for responding to an email at 11pm.

And yet, we know that workload is the principal reason for teachers leaving the profession at pinch points in their careers: directly following the NQT years; after five years in the profession; for women, between the ages of 30 and 39; and when teachers are nearing retirement.

Far from ...

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