Sarah Ledger

You’re right, it is grim up North

Policymakers in the metropolis rarely spare a thought for the challenges faced by teachers in far-flung corners of the country, writes Sarah Ledger. Schools in the North, she says, urgently require investment, opportunities to share expertise and, above all, they need to shatter the stereotype of northern teachers

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To misquote Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “the North is big”. You might think it’s a long way down the road from Walthamstow to Watford, but it’s peanuts compared with the distance between Carlisle and Manchester.

As I live and work in Carlisle, I will point out that Manchester – the northernmost point that most event organisers can imagine – is 120 miles away from us. This is similar to the distance between London and Nottingham, and what right-minded London practitioner would routinely board a train at 5.45am to attend meetings, conferences or training?

If I ...

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