Martin George

Pride and prejudice: how LGBT teachers suffer in our schools

Over the past two decades, LGBT campaigners have achieved monumental legislative reforms. But bigotry still persists in society – and schools, it seems, are no exception. Martin George reveals how bullying, harassment and abuse are damaging LGBT teachers’ mental health, and asks: how can we drive discrimination out of education?

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It is the season of Pride marches, when rainbow flags are waved jubilantly in parades through our city centres, to a cacophony of whistles and cheers, and hundreds of thousands of people celebrate diversity, equality and inclusion in the sunshine.

When it comes to LGBT issues, the past two decades have seen the legal and social environments in England change at an unprecedented rate: equalising the age of consent, abolishing Section 28, outlawing discrimination at work, introducing civil partnerships, and, most symbolically of all, legalising same-sex marriage.

But new research suggests that ...

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