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Tes - 16 November 2018

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Asking the premature question

Children born prematurely are at higher risk of learning difficulties, yet research suggests schools have little training in or understanding of the challenges such pupils may face. With survival...

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Beware: winter is coming…

There’s no doubt about it baby, it’s cold outside. As the nights get darker, layers get thicker, and the mission to avoid the winter-lurgy begins with gusto, Christmas can seem a long, long time away...

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Hold on to your hardbacks

Schools ditching their textbooks for tablets and laptops may be being a bit hasty, research suggests. Paper texts trump digital devices for learning and reading comprehension, writes Alex Quigley

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Stats not how you do it…

“X per cent of pupils to achieve age-related expectations” “X per cent of children to make accelerated progress” Sound familiar? You’ll probably have targets like these burned into your brains. It’s...

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Stay on target to build a team

Paintballing sessions and trust exercises are all well and good, but attempts to strengthen staff relationships will be wasted if they are not anchored in school dynamics, finds Simon Creasey

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Tes focus on…Bullying of LGBT pupils

Teachers can unwittingly contribute to homophobic bullying through a support of gender stereotypes, expert Dorothy Espelage tells Zofia Niemtus. The way to stop such bullying, she says, is by talking...

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The realities of virtual schooling

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to educating looked-after children, those in the care system who have often suffered abuse or neglect. So specialist ‘virtual school heads’ support teachers and...

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The world at our fingertips

Team UK has achieved considerable success in global skills contests, but competitors here receive much less support than their foreign rivals. Could investing in competitions like WorldSkills be the...

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Use group work to reach further and aim higher

Although studies show collaborative tasks boost learning, without careful planning, they can become mired in confusion. Jon Eaton shares his top tips for ensuring students work together effectively

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What it’s like to teach in… Jordan

The country of Jordan is surrounded by wars, extremism and violence. The Syrian refugee crisis is one of the biggest challenges that we’ve faced, and it’s affected the educational system so much. It’s...

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Why I ignore the research and do it my way

Chris Dyson took over a struggling Leeds primary with soaring exclusions and transformed it into an ‘outstanding’ school in four years. He reveals the secrets of his success: listening to pupils, all...

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You can’t spell teaching without TA

A few Fridays ago, audible gasps came from where the teaching assistants and special needs teachers hangout in the staffroom: our special needs coordinator had gone into hospital and wouldn’t be back...

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