Tes issue 1 February 2019

Tes – 1 February 2019

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Katy Perry's hit Hot n Cold offers an accurate description of Ofsted's relationship with FE

All we’re askin’ is for a little respect for FE

“You’re hot then you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re no...” It’s unlikely that the introduction of Ofsted’s new common inspection framework was at the forefront of Katy Perry’s mind when she penned...

Tes' #Letthemteach campaign has won a victory in its bid to make it easier for schools to hire teachers from abroad

An expert look at…Tes' #Letthemteach campaign

Every week, one of our reporters will take a look at one of their specialist topics and offer their unique insight. This week, Will Hazell reflects on a major victory for Tes’ #LetThemTeach campaign,...

Ofsted chief inspector Amanda Spielman

Don't count your chickens, Ofsted

It won’t have escaped anyone’s notice – unless they’ve been buried under a particularly huge a pile of marking – that a fair few bits of the education system are undergoing a major revamp in 2019. But...


Early years: making outdoor learning in winter cool

It’s cold, damp and dark outside. The last thing most teachers want to do is playground duty, let alone plan an afternoon of outdoor learning. But if you teach in the early years, you will no doubt...

Five ways to fix the GSCE resits situation for colleges

GCSE resits: how to fix post-16 English and maths

The FE sector supports the government policy to increase the number of young people who achieve level 2 English and maths by the age 19. But, say Catherine Sezen and Eddie Playfair, senior policy...

If you're looking to buy edtech, do some research and find the 'good guys', suggests Tom Starkey

Honesty is the best policy in edtech

Like many others who teach in colleges, it’s not my only source of income. When not trying to shove similes down my students’ throats, I also act as a consultant to businesses (many of them of the...

Teachers get tired - but so do people in other jobs, says Sarah Simons

Teacher tiredness isn’t a competition, you know

One of my triggers for a rabid rant is teachers who build a martyr narrative around being tired. Or even worse, the ones who discuss tiredness as if it’s a competitive sport. Honestly, I want to slap...

Seven deadly sins: Ofsted's 'fatal flaws' in its new framework for inspections

The seven deadly sins of Ofsted in new framework

There’s no doubt about it: Ofsted has been making waves. Not the gleefully-jump-over-while-laughing kind, but the huge, sweepyou-off-your-feet-and-keep-you-submerged-for-seconds-that-feel-like-minutes...

Book reviews: The Haven by Simon Lelic

The Week in Books: 1 February 2019

The Haven Simon Lelic Hodder Children’s Books, £7.99 ISBN: 978-1444947601 The Haven is Simon Lelic’s first venture into children’s literature. I gave this book to pupils in my creative writing group...

The week in quotes: Tes, 1 February 2019

The week in quotes: 1 February 2019

“Perhaps the saddest element of this short-sighted exclusion fix is that it delivers a message across the whole school that will not easily be forgotten by pupils, staff, SLT or the community: our...


What it’s like to teach in...Estonia?

I live in Saaremaa, the largest western island of Estonia. It has a silky sea breeze, silence and long, empty beaches. Kuressaare Regional Training Centre is a government-maintained vocational school...


Why teachers should get a hobby

What gets you excited about going to school? Is it seeing the pupils? The thrill of sharing knowledge about something that you’re really passionate about? Or is it band practice at lunchtime? Yes, you...

Training funding needs to be targeted at those most in need of skills, says the Social Mobility Commission

‘Training cash isn’t going to those in need'

There’s a “virtuous and vicious cycle” happening in the world of employment, according to the Social Mobility Commission. In its Adult Skills Gap report, published earlier this week, the commission...

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