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Schools with scarce resources should tread carefully when looking to buy edtech

An expert look at… buying the right edtech

Every week, one of our reporters will take a look at one of their specialist topics and offer their unique insight. This week, Martin George questions why schools are unable to find rigorous research...

2 min read 8 Feb 2019
The skills you develop as an FE teacher stand you in good stead if redundancy strikes, says Tom Starkey

Being made redundant isn’t the end of the road

I have, unfortunately, found myself on the cusp of being made redundant. It’s a bummer, no doubt. However, there is an upside. Having taught a fair few employability courses (bit ironic), I know that...

2 min read 8 Feb 2019
Jim Whiskins, of Fircroft College, received the British Empire Medal in the New Year's Honours

Caretaker brings sunshine into students’ lives

“You can’t always see it, but there’s sunshine on the other side.” That’s what caretaker Jim Whiskins tells the students at Fircroft College in Birmingham. They’ve been lucky enough to feel the warmth...

2 min read 8 Feb 2019
Funding, workload and accountability pressures leave schools with precious little time or resources to focus on character education, writes head Michael Tidd

Classroom cheat sheet: Character education

This week: Character education If someone says...”Character education again, really?” You say... "Yes. Like all things in education, what goes around, comes around – again and again and again. This...

1 min read 8 Feb 2019
The government needs to give colleges assurances in order for them to expand their apprenticeship provision, says the Association of Colleges' David Hughes

Government must back apprentice expansion

Ministers are keen to see colleges delivering more apprenticeships – that’s understandable. After all, colleges are well-placed to offer solutions to employers as well as great access routes and...

2 min read 8 Feb 2019
Pigeon-holing primary pupils by ability is damaging, says Rod Grant

Grouping primary pupils by ability is indefensible

For more than 30 years, primary schools have been in the habit of grouping children according to ability. In almost every primary, we find spelling groups, reading groups and maths groups with...

2 min read 8 Feb 2019
How 'helicopter stories' can help early years pupils' learning

Let imagination take centre stage in early years

Nothing beats story time at primary school. Whether you’re reading an action-packed adventure to Year 6 or you spend an afternoon on a teddy bear hunt with Year 1, it’s a special time of day for...

3 min read 8 Feb 2019
Education secretary Damian Hinds seems to be stuck in a soap opera over T levels

More soap-opera drama at the DfE over T levels

Fans of EastEnders, Emmerdale and the like should be enjoying the continuing soap opera that is the introduction of T levels. There have been concerns over funding and timescale, and last summer...

2 min read 8 Feb 2019
Under a new approach to behaviour, teacher 'negativity' is being blamed for poor pupil behaviour, a union has warned

Teachers ‘victims of abuse under behaviour policy’

This week’s edu-buzzphrase? Restorative behaviour policies. The NASUWT teaching union has sparked a debate by claiming that an approach championing “restorative sessions” is being “abused” by senior...

4 min read 8 Feb 2019
Teacher training has changed a lot since Tony Blair was in government, says Rebecca Foster

The gimmicks of teacher training 10 years ago

Cast your mind back 10 years: Blair was out and Brown was in at No 10, Pluto had just been stripped of its “planet” title (in science, if not in our hearts), and Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat was. A. Big...

2 min read 8 Feb 2019
Stephen Petty writes that hi-vis jackets are mysteriously disappearing from his school

The mysterious case of missing hi-vis jackets

There may be weightier crises facing schools, but let’s not forget to record the downright weird stuff going on, too. At my school, we’ve got the strange case of the disappearing hi-vis jackets. The...

2 min read 8 Feb 2019
Mark Steed offers some advice for those undertaking video interviews

The Skype is the limit for online interviews

I’ve conducted a dozen or so interviews over Skype in the past fortnight and have looked up several noses, looked down on bald patches, spoken to cut-off heads and even been introduced to a cat … So...

2 min read 8 Feb 2019
Tes book review: The Fork, the Witch and the Worm by Christopher Paolini

The Week in Books: 8 February 2019

The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm Christopher Paolini £7.79, Penguin ISBN: 978-0241392362 The novel starts with a tired, overworked Eragon being chastised by Saphira, his dragon, for not taking time...

2 min read 8 Feb 2019
Tes Week in Quotes: 8 February 2019

The week in quotes: 8 February 2019

“One exhausted mother described her daughter’s secondary school to me as being like The Hunger Games. She, like thousands of other parents, had eventually removed her miserable child from school.”...

2 min read 8 Feb 2019
Universities have been making more unconditional offers, sparking controversy

Unconditional offers don’t do students any favours

Much has been made of the case for and against students receiving unconditional offers for university places. The arguments are often complex, and competing considerations can include reputational...

3 min read 8 Feb 2019
One teacher reflects on the challenges of teaching in Australia

What it’s like to teach in Australia

Many of Australia’s educational tensions are well known and shared globally: top-down punitive accountability, debates about pedagogy, a climate of competition between colleagues, increasing reliance...

1 min read 8 Feb 2019

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