Tes issue 22 February 2019

Tes - 22 February 2019

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New technology helps to make college life easier for students, writes Tom Starkey

Apps make college an ‘appier place

I have my doubts about phone use for learning in the FE college classroom. The tech is there, but given students’ current attitudes and behaviours, I don’t think mobiles are about to hasten the...

Should headphones be banned from school?

Classroom cheat sheet: The ban on headphones

If someone says... "Do you reckon we’ll be the next school to ban headphones?” You say... “Well, headteacher Keziah Featherstone does make a good point. She recalls a time when the fire alarm went off...

Why primary and secondary schools are different animals

Primary and secondary are different animals

A science teacher startled the staffroom recently when he revealed that he had previously taught in a primary school. There was a brief moment of respectful silence. It turned out, however, that he...

Tes Week in Quotes: 22 February 2019

The week in quotes: 22 February 2019

“I was under no illusion that returning to the demands of teaching in the UK would be a shock to the system. And yet, I drive home each day feeling like I have been hit by a bus.” One teacher talks...


What does inclusion mean to you?

Academic Clare Woolhouse tells Christina Quaine how 'inclusion' in schools depends on listening to children and ensuring policies are flexible and responsive

Vera Urushadze reflects on life as a teacher in Georgia

What it’s like to teach in Georgia

I love children and take a great deal of pleasure in instructing them. I am at my happiest when I see a deep desire of learning in my students’ eyes. I do my best to open the door to the world for...

Teacher Adam Black explains how becoming a parent has given him a different perspective on his job

Why becoming a dad has made me a better teacher

I’d always considered myself to be a caring teacher. But when I became a parent myself, I gained a whole new level of understanding. There’s a look in a parent’s eye when they sit across from you at...

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