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Tes issue - 22 March 2019

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How anti-vaxxers put pupils and teachers at risk

Measles is on the rise, fuelled by unfounded fears about the safety of the MMR vaccine. But while teachers are on the front line in the battle to keep the deadly disease at bay, there are ways schools...

Dog race

How to motivate pupils in the classroom

Motivated students achieve better exam results, research shows. But, given that motivation comes both from within and from external factors, how can teachers nurture and maintain it in their pupils?...


Should schools get rid of middle leadership?

When headteacher Nicola Forster noticed that inspection reports often blamed middle managers for struggling schools’ shortcomings, she took a radical step to put her own troubled school back on track...

Handing over a key

The real case for independent schools

Society needs an educated elite, insists Roger Scruton, and the best way to achieve that is to take the child out of the equation to instead focus on what’s important: the transmission of knowledge

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