Tes issue 5 April 2019

Tes - 05 April 2019

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Best-selling author Cressida Cowell lists nine of her favourite books to inspire children

Here’s how we spread the joy of reading

Getting students to read for pleasure has a proven impact on attainment – but we all know that this is easier said than done. Here, English teacher Scarlett Potticary explains how she used research to...

The way to get more disadvantaged students into oxbridge is to equip them with the skills that universities want, says James Handscombe

How to get disadvantaged pupils into Oxbridge

If we want to get more disadvantaged young people into Oxbridge, schools need to focus on equipping students with the qualities that these elite universities demand – such as a thirst for knowledge...

What would happen if teachers designed the curriculum?

Is curriculum design a ‘dictatorship’?

In England, the national curriculum can be subject to the whims of the latest education secretary – and the last time it was reviewed, critics claimed there was a lack of teacher input. Wouldn’t it be...

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