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Tes - 08 May 2020

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Comprehension at secondary

Boosting reading comprehension at secondary level

After discovering that a growing number of secondary students at her school could read but struggled to grasp the meaning of text, Grace Elliott sought out the ideal intervention – but found a lack of...

9 min read 7 May 2020
Big Bang Theory intelligence awkwardness

Can students ever be too clever for their own good?

The belief that highly intelligent people are more likely to lack social skills or suffer emotional issues is a misconception, research suggests. Academics say that schools need a better understanding...

7 min read 7 May 2020
Vocational learning chefs

Cooking up real work experience for college students

When three cookery and hospitality lecturers learned that past students had felt ill prepared for the realities of work in the industry, they took action – organising two- or three-day placements for...

8 min read 7 May 2020
Tes quiz 8 May 2020

Tes Quiz: 8 May 2020

Pit your wits against Tes’ weekly general knowledge quiz

1 min read 7 May 2020
Coronavirus school opening

Uniting a school community against coronavirus

This crisis has proved that schools are made great through the collective spirit of their staff, writes co-head Megan Dixon, as she explains how her primary’s response has been based on building...

3 min read 7 May 2020
Schools exam factories

Why schools need to be more than exam factories

With the cloud of the coronavirus hanging over us, there is, at least, a silver lining for schools: as a result of exam cancellations, education is shifting away from being focused purely on results...

8 min read 7 May 2020

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