Adam Riches

Why being a ‘hero’ leader is bad for your teachers


The ‘I’ll just do it’ leadership approach isn’t sustainable, insists Adam Riches, who says struggling staff need to develop the confidence to solve problems themselves

Why being a ‘hero’ leader is bad for your teachers

It seems like the obvious thing to do. The NQT is clearly struggling with the demands of preparing a unit of work for your whole-department planning. As her line manager, you want to alleviate that stress. So you do the most helpful thing you can think of: you offer to take over and finish the unit, freeing the NQT up to concentrate on her own work.

Whether you are a senior leader or a middle leader, it can be difficult to know how to deal with the problems that people you line-manage encounter. Often, simply taking the problem away seems like the best solution; even if it adds to your own ...

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