Carly Page

How to handle the teacher’s pet


The use of animals in schools to reduce student stress is well known, but the sight of a pet dog in an FE setting is less common. While some may be unsure how to integrate animals into college life, Carly Page tracks down a few of those who have made it work

How to handle the teacher’s pet

Maisie is having a bad day at college. The morning starts with GCSE maths, which she still can’t wrap her head around, no matter how hard she tries. Then it’s breaktime and she has to face the struggle of finding someone to talk to; since moving to college from secondary school, Maisie has found it hard to make friends.

But the period after break makes everything feel more positive. Maisie has a session with Daisy, one of the college’s therapy dogs. No matter how hard things get, Daisy is always glad to see her and always easy to talk to.

The benefits of having animals in school settings ...

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