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Tes - 10 September 2021

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Teachers need to get on the same page when discussing challenging behaviour in schools, says Jon Severs

What do we mean by ‘challenging behaviour'?

We use the term ‘challenging behaviour’ all the time in education without acknowledging that we are often making a value judgement, not an objective one, writes Jon Severs

3 min read 10 Sep 2021
Tes' 10 questions with... former teacher and author Ryan Wilson

Tes' 10 questions with...Ryan Wilson

Former English teacher and assistant head-turned-journalist Ryan Wilson talks about the teacher who inspired him to join the profession

10 min read 10 Sep 2021
Why is English A level in decline?

Why is English A level in decline?

The number of boys and girls taking up English at A level has been dropping - so what can schools do to boost the subject's popularity?

6 min read 10 Sep 2021
Eating disorders and mental health: How schools and teachers can support pupils with anorexia

What schools can do to support students with anorexia

For those with eating disorders, voicing concern about how thin they look is likely to be met with denial and may even inadvertently encourage further weight loss. Instead, teachers should switch the...

7 min read 10 Sep 2021
The link between language development and behaviour in schools

The link between behaviour and language development

Helping pupils develop their language skills at an early age may prove pivotal in dealing with problematic behaviours later on – and may ultimately mean the difference between academic success and...

3 min read 10 Sep 2021
School leadership: Survival tips for an accidental leader

School leadership tips for the accidental leader

Some leaders arrive in the role as a result of circumstance rather than burning ambition, and that can result in some unique challenges. Grainne Hallahan explores how best to handle a promotion you...

7 min read 10 Sep 2021

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