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Tes - 24 September 2021

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TA support: How schools can make the most of teaching assistants

We need to make the most of teaching assistants

Confusion reins over the role of teaching assistants – but new research gives us the opportunity to get the best out of this valuable resource, writes Jon Severs

4 min read 24 Sep 2021
How to measure metacognition skills in schools

How to measure metacognition in schools

While teachers increasingly appreciate the importance of getting students to ‘think about thinking’ – and how to plan, monitor and evaluate their learning – children’s metacognitive skills are...

8 min read 24 Sep 2021
Why teachers and schools should keep an open mind about education research

Education research doesn’t deal in hard truths

While some are dismissive of certain types of education research owing to the methodology used, being open to a variety of approaches is more likely to yield positive results in the classroom, says...

3 min read 24 Sep 2021
Secondary schools: How to design and build a successful sixth form curriculum

How to design a sixth-form curriculum

To maximise the effectiveness of your sixth-form offer, you need to strike a balance between intake numbers, the breadth of subjects available and the likely ability of students to complete the course...

6 min read 24 Sep 2021
Tes' 10 questions with... academy trust leader Jonny Uttley

Tes' 10 questions with… Jonny Uttley

The chief executive of the Education Alliance Trust recalls his fondness for an old-school teacher who was straight out of The History Boys and explains why he’d like to call time on the binary...

9 min read 24 Sep 2021

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