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Tes - 08 October 2021

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Teacher CPD: The key to developing better teachers isn't just better training, writes Jon Severs

Brow-beating teachers doesn't help CPD

Most schools take CPD seriously, yet some teachers are still being subjected to humiliating and demoralising behaviour from those who are supposed to be helping them learn the ropes

4 min read 8 Oct 2021
Covid and online learning: Sending the whole school on a virtual elephant safari school trip

‘Our whole school went on an elephant safari’

We sent our whole school on an elephant safari to teach pupils the importance of protecting the habitats of endangered animals – and we didn’t even need to pack our trunks, says Ewen McLeish

3 min read 8 Oct 2021
Do we need to teach joined-up handwriting in schools?

Do we really need joined-up handwriting in schools?

The lack of joined-up research on the benefits of joined-up handwriting has led to the tide turning against the cursive style, as the latest official literacy guidance attests. Kate Parker reports

7 min read 8 Oct 2021
Why teachers need to be careful with knowledge organisers

Do knowledge organisers help students learn?

Knowledge organisers can help to build subject familiarity but unless your students know the appropriate place to introduce the facts they have learned, such tools may be more of a hindrance than a...

3 min read 8 Oct 2021
Teacher workload stress: How school leaders can save their teachers from burnout

How to make sure your teachers don't burn out

Demands on staff can quickly pile up as well-meaning initiatives trickle down from the SLT. It’s up to middle leaders to manage expectations and keep their team’s workloads in check, writes Edward...

5 min read 8 Oct 2021

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