Tes Scotland issue 15 March 2019

Tes Scotland - 15 March 2019

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Dopamine: the ‘pleasure chemical’ that helps young people learn

Blamed for smartphone and gambling addiction, the ‘pleasure chemical’ has been held up by the tabloid media as the malign force behind every teenage misstep. But the research, writes Chris Parr, shows that this neurotransmitter has a positive role to play in boosting learning and memory

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GCSE resits: is a school-based approach best?

As the sector grapples with ever-larger cohorts of GCSE resit students, many colleges choose to employ teaching approaches very different to those of schools. The hope is that this fresh slant will re-engage disaffected learners. But some think the opposite is true and use familiar strategies such as streaming and a two-year programme of study – both more commonly found in secondary classrooms. George Ryan investigates