Independent schools must be crucibles of innovation

innovation ideas colleges FE funding vocational apprenticeships government

The state sector is hamstrung by limits on its ability to make changes and develop. This leaves very real space for the independent sector to make a contribution to experimentation

Chris Wheeler
24 Feb 2020

Book review: Stand Up Straight

Stand Up Straight jacket cover

New teachers should be made to read books that are not about teaching, says David James. Stand Up Straight would be a good place to start

David James
23 Feb 2020

Class Book Review: Yes No Maybe So

class book review: yes no maybe so

Although love is a theme in 'Yes No Maybe So', Liz Dickinson and her class didn't fall head over heels for the politically charged book

Liz Dickinson
22 Feb 2020

Starmer writes: teachers are being badly let down

Keir Starmer

The Labour leadership frontrunner proposes raising teachers' pay, rethinking primary assessment, making private schools irrelevant and returning academies to local democratic control

Keir Starmer
18 Feb 2020

Pensions: the great pay robbery?

Daylight robbery? Whatever happens with pensions, teachers foot the bill

No matter how the government adjusts pension funding, it is teachers who end up footing the bill, says Yvonne Williams

Yvonne Williams
18 Feb 2020