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What should be done about off-rolling?

Tes - The education podcast

Why colleges should be optimistic

The college sector's prospects have changed, despite Brexit delays and funding pressures, says the Association of Colleges' David Hughes

It looks like government is starting to see the importance of colleges - and their lack of funding, says David Hughes

David Hughes
20 May 2019

Book review: The Monkey-Proof Box

The Monkey-Proof Box: Curriculum Design For Building Knowledge, Developing Creative Thinking And Promoting Independence

Lear's book is entertaining – but, says Clare Sealey, it seems conflicted, advocating explicit teaching in some chapters only and pupil-led discovery in others

Clare Sealey
19 May 2019

Literacy: the importance of WAGOLL

literacy model writing

It’s easy for primary pupils to get overwhelmed by writing tasks that demand unfamiliar skills - so make the most of models to guide them

Philippa Seymour
18 May 2019

The best way to revise? Keep it simple

Revision, GCSE revision, Exams revision, A level revision

When it comes to revision, pupils should ignore the swathes of wacky advice, and keep it sensible and simple, writes Bernard Trafford

Bernard Trafford
18 May 2019