Podcast: How to set a great MFL quiz

Teacher and pupil looking at computer in lesson

Low-stakes testing can be a quick and easy way to boost learning and increase confidence - but they require time and thought too

Dan Worth
19 Sep 2019

Stars of education win £3m prize

Yidan Prize winner: Usha Goswami, a professor of cognitive developmental neuroscience at the University of Cambridge, who specialises in education research into dyslexia

This year the Yidan Prize will fund UK research into dyslexia and early education programmes in the developing world

Catherine Lough
19 Sep 2019

How to get the silent staffroom majority to speak up

How to get the silent majority to speak up

There are always some who are more eager to give feedback than others but, as a leader, it's important to have access to different perspectives. Nikki Cunningham-Smith offers her tips on hearing from everyone

Nikki Cunningham-Smith
17 Sep 2019

Doubts over the future of textbooks

Many people in the UK believe that printed textbooks will disappear from our classrooms, according to a new poll

Poll also shows the UK is less likely than elsewhere to predict a rise in pupils attending school via virtual classrooms

Catherine Lough
17 Sep 2019

Why off-the-shelf behaviour policies don't work

Behaviour: All schools should adopt the 'warm-strict' approach, says campaigner Mark Lehain

The communities that teachers serve should dictate school behaviour policy, says principal Jo Facer, because we have a responsibility to ensure nothing prevents our children from learning

Grainne Hallahan
15 Sep 2019

Lib Dems vow to cut waiting times for EHCPs

Schools and DfE told to do more to step SEND pupils being bullied or socially isolated in schools

Party passes amendment that would cut waiting times for pupils to have an EHCP confirmed, with one councillor describing SEND funding as being 'on the edge of a precipice'

Catherine Lough
15 Sep 2019

‘Autumn term is the NQT slayer’

teacher autumn term

More teachers will quit in the autumn term than in the other two terms combined, with the pressure points being week three, half term and Christmas, says one teacher who's sharing tips for NQT mental health

Dave Speck
13 Sep 2019

EYFS: In praise of the humble sandpit

Children playing in a sandpit

Helen Pinnington explains why playing with sand is a crucial part of early years education - and offers some top tips for sandpit maintenance

Helen Pinnington
12 Sep 2019

3 myths about project-based learning

project-based learning

Many teachers have the wrong impression about project-based learning, says Pam Grossman. She gives you the lowdown on how to do it well

Jon Severs
11 Sep 2019