Life after lockdown for school leaders

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We need a national education campaign to stop littering

Plastic bottles and cigarettes at the beach
Pictures of piles of rubbish at beaches and other beauty spots since lockdown eased show that schools alone cannot stop the scourge of littering - we need a public information campaign
Deborah Hollingsworth 4 Jul 2020

Many teachers and parents will ignore track and trace

The idea of a track and trace programme only works if teachers and parents adhere to it - so what do you do if you've already been told by individuals in both groups they won't abide by it?
Anonymous 3 Jul 2020

Don't throw away your shot (for musicals-themed CPD)

Hamilton Day Disney+ teaching lessons
As people around the world rejoice at the release of Hamilton on Disney+, a teacher and self-confessed musicals expert looks at what valuable lessons songs from across the world of theatre and film have for us in the classroom
Lauran Hampshire-Dell 3 Jul 2020