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Subject teaching time and Damian Hinds

Tes - The education podcast

'New-term chaos? Just style it out'

First impressions are essential for a college teacher at the start of term, says Sarah Simons

Timetable whoopsies. Room allocation clangers. The new year brings chaos, writes Sarah Simons. All you can do is own it

Sarah Simons
21 September 2018

What makes for good CPD?

The basis of government guidance on effective CPD has been called into question

Authors of a meta-analysis of studies into effective CPD respond to criticisms in the 21 September issue of Tes

Steve Higgins, Rob Coe, Philippa Cordingley and Toby Greany
21 September 2018

Labour pledges action on off-rolling

Angela Rayner announced that Labour will take action to tackle off-rolling

Plan would mean the results of pupils who leave a school's roll remaining with the school until they have another place

Martin George
18 September 2018

Should your school ban glitter?

Glitter ban

Research has revealed that glitter has a damaging effect on the environment, so it is time to ban it from classrooms?

Zoya Raza-Sheikh
15 September 2018

Book review: What Works May Hurt

Book review: What Works May Hurt

Yong Zhao's critique of evidence-based reforms hits the right beats but doesn't go far enough, writes Sir Kevan Collins

Sir Kevan Collins
14 September 2018

Healthy fish supper: Teacher recipe

healthy fish recipe

For this week's teacher recipe, Siobhan Blunden-Currie shares a healthy alternative to going down the chippie

Siobhan Blunden-Currie
14 September 2018