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The 10 Labour pledges...

1 Guaranteed three-year budgets for every school from 2006 to make planning easier

2 All schools to be able to become specialists and have the option of taking on a second specialism

3 All secondaries to be able to own their land and manage their admissions and staffing by gaining foundation status

4 More places for pupils at popular schools

5 A new relationship between the Government and schools to cut red tape

6 200 privately-sponsored academies to be "in the pipeline" by 2010

7 A new emphasis on the mastery of basic literacy and numeracy. GCSEs to be changed to reflect these new priorities

8 Greater access for pupils to vocational courses

9 Disruptive pupils to be removed from the classroom by creating more pupil referral and learning support units

10 Greater parental input in schools to ensure the curriculum is tailored to their child

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