10 lesson plans - Christian Aid Week 12-18 May

1. Chocolate trade game

Chocolate is a guilty pleasure in more ways than one. Trace the journey of the cocoa bean from tree to chocolate bar, and play a game to prompt a discussion on fair trade. Learn about the difficulties faced by workers and consider the positive role that trade can play in developing economies and communities.

2. Hunger in a world of plenty

Who controls the food we eat? Why do 1 billion people go to sleep hungry every night? Help children to learn about food and hunger and to reflect on what it means to go hungry. Worksheets and activities explore food production and the impact of malnutrition.

3. Travel and transport

Get children to write and perform a transport-themed song that encourages them to consider what life is like for their peers around the world. They could map their route to school and compare it with travel and transport in other countries.

4. Citizenship and rights

What is citizenship? What are human rights? Why are they important? Help students to compare their lives with those of children in five other countries.

5. Refugee lessons

Explore the plight of asylum seekers and refugees around the world. Ask students to consider the challenges and prejudices they face, using real- life stories and activities to aid understanding.

6. Natural disasters

In developing countries, a flood or an earthquake can wipe out years of development and use up vital resources. These activities explore the impact of natural disasters.

7. Caring for the environment

How do we care for the world around us? What can students do to look after their school community? In these activities, consider how we can look after our planet and invite your class to take up the challenge.

8. Child power

Every day, children around the world are taking action to improve their lives. Ask your students how they can improve their own lives and help other children to do the same.

9. Mobile phones

Fab or foe? This lesson considers how mobile phone technology is both saving and destroying lives in Colombia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

10. Global football

The "beautiful game" is loved all over the world. But this engaging resource for youth leaders uncovers its ugly side and asks what we can do about it.

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