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1000 years of education;1959-1970;Chronology;Millennium edition

1959 West Riding 12-year-olds have twice as many decayed teeth as 10 years ago; mid-morning snack blamed.

Crowther report on the 15-18s recommends leaving age of 16 by 1968, and target of half children in full-time education to 18 by 1980 (by 8081, 29 per cent were).

1960 Albermarle Report recommends expansion of Youth Service.

Beloe Report proposes Certificate of Secondary Education.

Berkshire primary survey reveals 46 schools still with earth closets; 35 without mains water; 6 lit by gas; 8 lit by oil; 22 with open fires.

Kurt Hahn opens Atlantic College.

1961 Campaign to persuade 50,000 married women back into teaching.

Nuffield Foundation agrees to fund major school science project.

Yuri Gagarin completes first manned space flight.

1962 Cuban missile crisis.

Leeds experiments with primary French.

Prince Charles to Gordonstoun.

A S Neill's Summerhill published.

National Socialist Colin Jordan suspended from teaching.

1963 London and Manchester end 11-plus.

University of Strathclyde opens - first new Scottish university for 400 years.

Profumo Affair.

Princess Anne at Benenden.

Newsom Report urges leaving age of 16; longer school days; expansion of curriculum.

Robbins report recommends expansion of higher education.

President J F Kennedy assassinated.

1964 Ministry of Education becomes the Department of Education and Science (DES).

Schools Council for Curriculum and Examinations established.

BBC Radio axes Children's Hour after 42 years.

First issue of TES Scotland.

Harold Wilson ends 13 years of Conservative rule with narrow election win.

1965 Circular 1065 requires LEAs to propose schemes for comprehensive reorganisation on lines laid down by the DES.

General Teaching Council for Scotland established.

1966 England wins the World Cup.

Schools Council calls for common 16 plus to replace GCE and CSE.

British education's worst-ever disaster: landslide engulfs Aberfan school, killing 144.

1967 Plowden Report advocates expansion of nursery schooling and introduction of educational priority areas and stresses importance of home-school relationship.

Government introduces thebreathalyser and devalues the pound.

1968 Student demonstrations and anti-Vietnam War protests.

Martin Luther King shot.

Newsom report on public schools calls for integration with state system and an assisted places scheme.

1969 First Black Paper published.

Opening of the first three polys: Hatfield, Sheffield and Sunderland. Open University receives charter.

Neil Armstrong first man on the moon.

1970 Conservative government cancels Circular 1065. Replaces it with Circular 1070: LEAs to decide the future organisation of secondary education in their area.

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