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10,000 BC

Many years ago, in the days before God invented pre-faded jeans and gilets, the fashionable man-about-cave was forced to strut his stuff in nothing but bearskin briefs and lashings of baby oil. And ladies, I think we would all agree that he didn't look any the worse for it.

Well, that's assuming he in any way resembled Steven Strait (pictured), the boulder-chested hero of Roland Emmerich's latest special effects fest, 10,000 BC. It's a tale of prehistoric derring-do that promises to be heavy on the mammoths and light on the brain, much like Emmerich's previous outing, Independence Day.

Steven Strait plays a feisty young hunter who is forced to leave his village after it's ransacked by warlords, running the gamut of slavering saber-tooth tigers to discover a lost civilization full of towering pyramids. The bit where they get ripped off for some scented oils and a hubbly-bubbly seems to have been cut.

It's notable that despite the billion-pound special effects, the costumes don't seemed to have improved much since the days of Raquel Welch's rabbit fur G-string in One Million Years BC.

But for lovers of stone age totty, that's no bad thing.

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