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The 12 best #LoveTeaching tweets so far

This week, teachers from across the US are sharing the reasons why they get out of bed every morning under the hashtag #LoveTeaching.

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The initiative was started as an attempt by Sean McComb, a high school English teacher in Baltimore, Maryland, and the 2014 National Teacher of the Year, and his friends to put the love back into their vocation.

A year later and it has become a nationwide Twitter campaign, with thousands of teachers sharing the reasons why they love their jobs. 

Here's a pick of the best so far: 

I #LoveTeaching because I can share my favorite books with a new generation of readers.

— Julia Bishop, NBCT (@juliabishopnbct) February 17, 2016



I #LoveTeaching because I get to help people learn how to become who they want to be, not what others say they are right now.

— Leslie David Burns (@DrLeslieDBurns) February 17, 2016




I love teaching because teachers are willing to get silly to make others smile. #loveteaching #webb_elem

— Liz Griesbach (@EducatorLiz) February 17, 2016




I #loveteaching because every day is a challenge & victory, failure & success, opportunity to inspire & rewrite stories! #TeachLikeMe

— Shawn Sheehan (@SPSheehan) February 17, 2016




I #LoveTeaching because working with students- day in and day out- is meaningful, exciting, hilarious, challenging, and NEVER boring.

— Dan Brown (@DanBrownTeacher) February 16, 2016




I #LoveTeaching because I have the chance to know some amazing people each year @HarborViewElem! #hvepride

— HVE Room 19 (@HVE_Rm19) February 12, 2016




The hugs and stories every morning! #LoveTeaching

— JCES Jaguars (@JCESJaguars) February 12, 2016




Seeing what kids are capable of creating is what makes me #LoveTeaching #teachersleading

— Gary G. Abud, Jr. (@MR_ABUD) February 11, 2016




I #LoveTeaching

because we get the opportunity to experience

the promise of a better tomorrow

every day.#teachersleading

— Dr. David Bosso (@DavidBosso) February 11, 2016




Another great reason to #LoveTeaching...when you see that lightbulb go off! You do it daily @CaskeyPam! #hvepride

— Harbor View Vikings (@HarborViewElem) February 10, 2016




Love when students seek out help. We are learning mistakes help us learn (#growthmindset ) #LoveTeaching #hwdms

— Kevin Hughes (@kmhughes623) February 17, 2016




I #LoveTeaching because I believe in #inspiration. You can be a #writer or #artist at any age. #KY #Wholechild

— Faye McClellan (@FayMdesigns) February 17, 2016


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