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2020 Vision's main points

Every school should devise a strategy to personalise and to teach "learning to learn".

Every secondary pupil to have a "learning guide".

More flexibility so pupils can sit certain tests when they are ready.

Assessment for learning in all classrooms.

Additional personalised support for pupils not improving, to be partially distributed through a voucher scheme.

Personalised learning to become a fundamental part of teacher training.

Pilot scheme offering term long sabbaticals to high-performing,experienced teachers who commit themselves to "challenging" schools for five to seven years.

National and school-level "aspirational" targets to eliminate stalled pupil progress, with schools to identify and produce plans for those pupils not improving.

Panel of serving heads to report by September on how a system can be developed to encourage innovation in schools.

National review into developing national curriculum and tests to support personalised learning.

Parents to receive more information in easy-to-understand formats.

Ministers to look at letting schools buy in particular skills from retired business people or heads.

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