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21st Century Citizen

Does society work? Is crime getting worse? Have we learned from the past? Can history make the future better? No it's not a pub quiz, although these questions could keep the regulars foaming until the taps run dry; they are the sort of questions being posed on the new 21st Century Citizen website created by the British Library. Designed to support citizenship for 11 to 16-year-olds, it has three themes - Who are we? Whose rules? How do we live? 21st Century Citizen is funded by the Treasury's "Invest to Save Budget" and supported by partners the Office for National Statistics, the Royal Statistical Society Centre for Statistical Education and the Public Record Office, and it was launched earlier this month. As the site is so new there are opportunities for schools to take part in trials and to contribute to its development, if you are interested contact Beverley Parker. Email:

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