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23 ways you know it's almost Easter

With Sats on the way and revision lessons in full swing, it's no surprise that Easter is sneaking up on you. To help you spot the signs ahead of time, we've put together this handy list.

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You know it's almost Easter when:

  1. The government makes a major announcement that will upend everything in schools (see also: 23 ways you know it’s the summer holidays; 23 ways you know it’s the Christmas holidays).
  2. Your headteacher is looking increasingly stressed, as the deadline for staff handing in their notice looms.
  3. The reception classroom is full of pictures of the traditional Easter lambs, chicks and frogs (because Felix likes frogs), plus an Easter ninja warrior (because Isla only draws ninja warriors).
  4. The reception teacher is happy with the pictures. She is happy with everything. She has just handed in her notice.
  5. Easter is all about new beginnings, after all.
  6. And chocolate.
  7. But, despite all the signs that Easter is approaching, you will be back in the classroom next week.
  8. But your own kids won’t be.
  9. Your kids scoff at the idea that they could come into school with you during the holidays.
  10. Your head asks you if you’re happy to come into school and do some revision classes during the holidays.
  11. Which, of course, you are…
  12. …because your own kids will be back in school by then.
  13. And it’s not like you had any plans to go to Lanzarote.
  14. Or Cumbria.
  15. Your ambitious holiday plan stretched only as far as visiting the rubbish tip…
  16. …to throw out all the out-of-date revision papers that were upended by the last government announcement.
  17. And, meanwhile, your Year 6 class is bouncing between excitement about the holidays and gloom about the Sats, like sugared-up Easter bunnies.
  18. Or as George insists, the Easter kangaroo – because it’s like a bunny but lays bigger eggs.
  19. Or, as Ella insists, the Easter unicorn – because, well, why not?
  20. You wonder, briefly, whether Ella is working at greater depth within the expected standard.
  21. So you ask her to use a semicolon in her writing, to ensure that box is ticked.
  22. And when the bell goes for the holidays, she gives you a card with a unicorn on the front. Inside it says…
  23. Happy Easter Miss ;)

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