25 Years ago

Angus's school building plans for 1971-80 include 11 new or replacement primary schools in the burghs, six rural one-stream primaries, one two-stream rural primary, new high schools in Kirriemuir, Monifeith and Arbroath and an extension to Montrose Academy.

* Glasgow High School is likely to be phased out in the ruling Labour group's plans for the city's former fee-paying schools. John Mains, Labour leader, said that four schools, Allan Glen's, Hillhead High, Notre Dame and Glasgow High School for Girls, had catchment areas which would allow them to become comprehensive. Glasgow High School had not. The two girls' schools might remain single sex, he said.

* Aberdeen education committee has been advised that continued employment of Jack Malloch, assistant teacher of maths at Hazlehead Academy, would be unlawful, and has agreed to take dismissal action. Mr Malloch will be heard by the committee on January 24. Mr Malloch was dismissed in 1969 for failing to register with the GTC but was reinstated this year following an appeal to the House of Lords.

* Sugarolly water and teacher-tormentors may be made by Glasgow primary pupils next term as part of the special projects to mark the centenary of the Education Act. An archive kit being prepared for their use seeks to give some insight into the day-to-day lives of the local children who first benefited from compulsory schooling: suggested follow-up activities include the making of simple toys and treats which delighted Glasgow pupils at the end of the last century.

The primary kit is one of two planned by the 1872 committee, whose chairman is James Roxburgh, principal teacher of history at Kingsridge secondary school. Going round the older schools, he found the cupboards sadly bare of outdated furniture and equipment, which had been systematically destroyed as improvements were introduced.


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