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25 Years Ago

The grants to be given to Scotland's grant-aided schools next session will have an estimated total of Pounds 1,865,508 compared with thissession's Pounds 1,529,105. This represents an increase of about 22 per cent.

The increases will mean that some of the schools will not have to raise their fees, or that some do not have to raise their fees as much as they thought would be necessary . . . In February 1968 the SED issued Circular 668 indicating that the maximum grants would be frozen, and ceilings were to be immediately lowered. In April of this year the Secretary of State for Scotland published regulations allowing increases in the amounts of grants.

A statement from St Andrew's House said it was intended that the grant-aided schools should not continue to suffer as a result of rises in pay and prices from a loss in real terms of the value of the fixed level grants.

* Courage, imagination, hard thinking and the concerted efforts of all who cared about the grant-aided schools would be needed if the breathing space for planning provided by the new grant-aided regulations was to be used to the best advantage, said Mr Roger Young, headmaster of George Watson's College, Edinburgh, in his report at the school prizegiving.

* About 1,200 schoolchildren from the Glenrothes area are taking part in this year's Summersport scheme. They pay 121Z2p each to go back to school during the holidays for tuition in various sports.

* Edinburgh Festival Fringe has this year for the first time a paid administrator, and the number of visiting groups shows an even greater than usual increase.

This, says Mr John Milligan, the administrator, reflects not so much his own efficiency as the fact ofhis existence: groups have received quicker answers to their initial inquiries.

TES SCOTLAND, July 23, 1971

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