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30 years ago

Domestic abuse headed the agenda at a women's conference urging educational reforms ("Labour Party stands up for battered wives", TESS, May 16, 1975):

Many schoolchildren accept their father beating their mother as a normal aspect of marriage, a Dundee school teacher, Mrs Margaret McLintock, told the Scottish Labour Women's annual conference on Saturday . . .

The problem would only be solved by educating the young and holding discussions on the problems of drink, poverty and social pressures.

A resolution approved from Dundee urged that steps be taken to ensure that the injustices and anomalies revealed in the operation of comprehensive education are removed forthwith and that the basic principle of equal consideration for all pupils be enforced.

The Labour Party are urged to end quota systems at universities, to provide nurseries to encourage mature women to attend universities, and to end means testing in assessing grants for married women.

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