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30 years ago

"Whatever happened to the comprehensive dream?" asked R F Mackenzie in a major article in The TES Scotland on March 29, 1974. In the same issue, however, the paper reported that the controversial educationist and headteacher was under attack.

"You can sack me, but the problems will remain," said R F Mackenzie, headmaster of Summerhill Academy, Aberdeen, last week at a meeting called by the director of education to give parents an opportunity to discuss complaints about bad discipline and poor academic achievement.

Mr Mackenzie was applauded at the end of a speech in which he outlined the educational philosophy he is trying to carry out . . . "We are trying to do the best we can - very much more than most schools . . ."

Mr Mackenzie said the serious split in the staff was due to the education committee's action in appointing "authoritarian people" to Summerhill . .


The following Monday, Mr Mackenzie was officially suspended.

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