5 ways schools are celebrating the World Cup

From cancelling classes to analysing stats, teachers and pupils are finding novel ways to mark the World Cup

Elliot Douglas


It has probably come to your attention that the World Cup kicked off in Russia today.

Whether you’re already bored of the hype or can’t wait to start watching, here are five fun ways that schools around the world are celebrating the World Cup:

1. 'School’s out'

Uruguay has reportedly cancelled school on days when its team will be playing so that everyone can stay at home and watch – arguably it wouldn't be an ideal fit in England, with its accountability pressures and exam season.


2. #WorldCupReading

Jumping off an initiative by author Tom Palmer, many schools are taking the opportunity to encourage pupils to read more, especially books about sports.


3. Football by numbers

Other teachers are taking the opportunity to motivate pupils to learn about numbers and probability with in-depth analyses of World Cup statistics and figures.


4. Special events

Some schools are celebrating “the beautiful game” with their own themed sporting events. 


5. Meet the team

But why celebrate in the classroom when you can be there yourself? As the England team arrived at their official training ground near St Petersburg for the first time, local schoolchildren had the opportunity to meet the players in person.

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Elliot Douglas

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