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75 years ago

75 years ago

February 11, 1928

IT is not desirable to admit that the aim of the modern school should be different from that of the grammar school. The aim in both cases, it is admitted, is to produce a student who, if abilities and circumstances permit, will go on to the university or the technical college or the research department or great works.

It is not possible or desirable in either school to provide a course that is rounded and complete. That was the danger of the old elementary school, which was designed to produce an education within limits instead of an education that opens up, on the basis of thorough knowledge, infinite vistas.

50 years ago

February 13, 1953

MISS Horsburgh's (the Education Minister) latest flick with her pruning hook - in the direction of adult education - is singularly ill-considered.

She nets something over pound;30,000 for the Treasury next year and in doing so bruises one of the healthiest parts of the system she has been appointed to look afterI Adult education - ie., what is purveyed by university extra-mural departments and certain other bodies - probably wastes less time, materials, energy, and money than any other branch of education.

25 years ago

February 10, 1978

WHEN will politicians stop mucking about with the education system and let teachers get on with their job? I Surely Mrs Williams, you know the simple rule that a test imposes a curriculum? Perhaps through imposing a test you hope to impose the famous core curriculum? Will the great of the land, especially politicians and educationists, please get together and decide: what "education" means.

I begin to feel some sympathy for the young urban guerrilla and a great desire to blow the whole shoddy system sky high.

Letter from J Young,

A Lancashire primary school.

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