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'Able and dedicated' officers help city's revival


COVENTRY's education authority is playing an important role in bringing the city out of decline.

Inspectors say boosting education standards is the key to regenerating the West Midlands city, while regeneration in turn contributes to better achievement in schools. "This virtuous circle creates a synergy between corporate aims, education department aims and those of schools," the Office for Standards in Education says.

Despite having areas of considerable disadvantage, the city boasts schools that are improving and outperforming those in comparable areas elsewhere.

Support for the education of children in public care and parent partnership work was "exemplary", with financial management, admissions, inclusions the use of technology in administation, also singled out for praise.

However, despite being "a thoughtful, well-run" authority, the work of the school advisory service is not sufficiently targeted at schools that most need support.

The report concludes that a small but crucial shift in culture is needed if the LEA is to change from being one that is very well-run to one that is also highly effective.


Able and dedicated officers

Support for education of

children in care

Parent partnership work

Support for school management

Use of computers in


Financial management

Admissions and inclusion


Inefficiency of schools

advisory service

Support for IT use in the

secondary curriculum

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