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BOARD GAMES FOR THE NURSERY - Set 2. By Carole Skinner BEAM Education pound;19.50 + VAT.

The five A2-size laminated board games in BEAM's second set for the nursery are attractive and colourful and, just as important, durable and washable. Notes from the teacher's booklet are printed on the reverse of each game board, a particularly useful feature for classroom helpers or parents. To get most value from the set, the author suggests not only an easy and a more challenging version of each game but extensions and variations that promote literacy as well as numeracy, for example making up stories linked to the game.

Although these games promote counting and saying numbers, there is no requirement for children to read numerals, which will make them accessible to all nursery and reception children.

The games are for one or two players, which might limit their use in a busy nursery, where it can be difficult to work undisturbed for any length of time - but I hope not. A recommended buy.

Anne Woodman is an author and maths consultant

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