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Access denied: anger at computer scheme

I DON'T need to know about computers. The cross-curricular computer work we do isn't important. I'm not special.

Information and communiction technology is easy at key stages 1 and 2. I don't need a computer to plan or create worksheets. These are the polite messages that phase 2 of the Computers for Teachers scheme is giving me.

I am a primary ICT co-coordinator. My computer is ancient. I did not apply for last year's scheme as it was curtailed without warning. The National Grid for Learning website now states the scheme is only open to key stage 3 maths teachers because "ICT offers good opportunities for maths teachers to help pupils in KS3 in geometrical reasoning and an appreciation of shape and space ... With limited resources aailable, we had to take the decision about which subject to target."

This is absolute rubbish! What does David Blunkett think we have been doing with our primary classes for the past few years? KS1 and 2 teachers have to cover all areas of the curriculum and are told to use ICT to deliver them. We have taken on board the numeracy and literacy strategies and have to start the process of educating children in ICT use.

It's not acceptable that such an offer is for a select few. Perhaps the Government has calculated that many KS3 maths teachers have new computers and so will not apply, making the scheme cost less but nullifying its value.

Adrian Joice

ICT co-ordinator

John's CE primary schoolNewland Street, Hull

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