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Gavin Richards reviews websites devoted to global issues

Teach Global www.teachandlearn.netteachglobal Water for All

Global issues are a part of people's lives in a way they have never been before. Television, the internet, international sport, global trade and increased travel, all bring the wider world into everyone's lives.

The impact of global issues is reflected in education, too. Recent reviews have placed the curriculum firmly within a global context and, as teachers we need to incorporate global perspectives into our classes.

The courses and resources on the Teach Global website have been developed to support primary and secondary teachers wanting to extend their teaching of the global dimension. Two of the courses focus on managing this and two look at curriculum issues. The secondary course focuses on teaching geography.

Each course involves the completion of several activities. Activities are well thought out and will appeal to most students and teachers. Each of the activities makes use of images, interactive movies, sound, text and video.

Although the site is based on four courses, you do not have to work consecutively through each one. You may wish to browse all four areas, picking issues, debates and resources of particular interest. The extensive library of Teach Global resources can be used in a variety of ways and will certainly help anyone teaching the global dimension. This is a very useful resource for anyone interested in finding out more about global issues.

Water for All is a curriculum-friendly website containing fresh material that is both challenging and inspirational.

It explores the causes of water shortage, challenging the assumption that these things "just happen". Instead it asks students to explore the interconnected reasons for such shortage, and the impact these are likely to have on people. Examples of the displacement of people and environmental degradation are presented as the results of changes, which can themselves be changed for the better. The community-led approaches outlined in the case studies can teach children a great deal about citizenship and sustainable development. Children are encouraged to learn not only about such changes, but to learn from them.

The site is a powerful stimulus for work in literacy, numeracy, human geography, design and technology, PSHE, ICT, creative arts, as well as citizenship and education for sustainable development.

The site contains a vast bank of images and activities for classroom use.

You can pick and mix from the resources on the homepage or follow the sequence of lessons outlined. There are seven activities including quizzes, case studies and maths exercises, each supported in the teachers' notes with a lesson guide and background information.

Through the site, students will develop key skills and values central to global citizenship. Students also have opportunities to develop critical thinking and empathy.

This is an excellent website which will provide students with a greater appreciation of water shortage in many countries and the wider theme of global citizenship.

Gavin Richards is e-learning manager at Kingsmead Community School, Wiveliscombe, Somerset

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