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Acclaimed leader helps schools to swap their winning formulas

OCKER Hill junior school in West Bromwich is a success.

Last year 84 per cent of its Year 6 pupils achieved level 4 in English and 88 per cent in maths.

Andy Tromans, Ocker Hill's headteacher, was described as "inspirational" by the British Educational and Communications Technology Agency.

This term, he has been seconded to Sandwell council for three days a week to develop a project with the authority which will see "leading" schools linked with two others.

Good practice such as the information and communications technology work at Ocker Hill can then be shared between schools.

Sue Holloway, Ocker Hill's deputy head, said: "Schools will be matched so that we all give each other professional development and support.

"Good work is done in Sandwell, but we don't always get recognised for that.

"Outsiders say it must be awful working here. I don't have a problem with it. We are all working to the same goals."

One of Ocker Hill's partner schools will be Great Bridge primary, where 42 per cent of pupils left with level 4 English in 2002 and 54 per cent reached level 4 maths.

Great Bridge head Terry Keasey said: "I hold out hopes for the scheme.

Essentially it is about co-operating and learning from one another.

"Andy Tromans has great strengths in ICT. Sadly our computer suite here was broken into. We spent more money but were robbed again. Now we have window bars."

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