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Action admen

Mr Chips has had his chips. The "Those who can, teach" campaign may have won awards but its message of worthy self-sacrifice isn't felt to be up to winning more trainees in shortage subjects.

Instead, the Teacher Training Agency's new campaign will target "self-interested idealists" - whatever they are - emphasising the "people" nature of the job. Should we expect heartwarming cliffhangers where Dim Darren grasps Pythagoras' theory in time to meet sir's PRP targets, or Miss Smith's eyes meet Mr Jones's in a planning meeting?

The ad agency responsible says it understands, translates and communicates the truth for clients including Durex, for whom it invented Sperm Man.

Will it have perused the Ranting Teacher website, which gives an alternative view of the profession? For instance: "Talking of lying... it's almost compulsory in job interviews, especially to the question 'Why do you enjoy teaching?'" Can't wait for those ads.

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