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Adam sets bar high

Adam Scarr, a high jumper who has represented Great Britain in the European athletics championships, has been part of a drive to raise awareness of the Olympics in state schools.

The 23-year-old, who missed out on Beijing but hopes to compete in London in 2012, tours primary schools encouraging pupils to try athletics and inspiring them with his own skills.

"I like seeing how excited the kids are when you see them doing one little jump which is not much to you but a lot to them," says Adam, who is also a part-time salesman.

He remembers his own comprehensive - Richard Hale School in Hertford - being very supportive: "One time I had a detention that clashed with a cross country race and they let me skip the detention."

But while some schools he visits have done their research, others are "completely oblivious" to the Olympics.

He sees state school sport as vital to future success because not all parents have time or money to support their children joining athletics clubs.

"If you don't do this at school level a lot of kids just won't get the opportunity," he says.

Schools can contact Adam at

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