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Adding an historical note

AdditionaL Mathematics By Hugh Morrison, Alison Hughes, Anne Hunt and Mairead Tallon 0 7195 5324 5 John Murray Pounds 13.99

Additional Mathematics is an interesting newcomer to the plethora of new post-16 materials already available. It is relevant to those seeking a broader mathematical experience at both GCSE and A level and to those needing mathematical support in sciences.

The authors take what could be called a traditional approach, featuring pure mathematics, mechanics and statistics.

I warmed very much to the introductions to every chapter, which begin with a precis of the life and work of a mathematician relevant to the concepts that follow. It is always good to be able to show students the origins of an idea and who has developed it.

These are followed by clear examples, exercises and examination questions with full answers provided in the back. Where much practice is required, for example in algebraic manipulation, this book provides it. If you are looking for a neat, concise volume to add to your A-level library, then this book may be your answer.

David Monks is head of mathematics at Hampstead School, north London.

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