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Additional materials

NEW CAMBRIDGE MATHEMATICS MODULE 3. Cambridge University Press Teacher's resource book Pounds 32.50 Activity starter book Pounds 45.

SEVEN DIZZY DRAGONS AND OTHER MATHS RHYMES. Cambridge University Press Pounds 7.50. NELSON MATHEMATICS EXTRA. Nelson. Copymasters Pounds 25.50 Pupil's book Pounds 3.99. Evaluation Pack Pounds 29.50.

New Cambridge Mathematics hasintroduced some very practical packages. The bulky teacher's resource book for Module 3 is typically daunting, but the committed browser will find sound advice on taking the mystery out of mathematics.

There is general guidance on achieving a balanced diet and a well thought out planning section establishes how to use each course as part of the extensive menu. Problem-solving and investigation; number and place value; calculation; pattern; shape; handling data; movement and measures are all broken down into manageable units of learning. A blow-by-blow account of classroom delivery explains the necessary prior knowledge and helps teachers with presentation and links with the working materials.

The Activity starter book is a durable A2 flipover book, ideal for teasing out essential language and observation skills in group-work and offering opportunities for assessment.

The delightful Seven Dizzy Dragons, a collation of new and traditional maths rhymes, will appeal to a wide age-range, with action songs, chants and mantras for learning the tables.

Nelson Mathematics Extra is a healthy diet supplement for pupils working towards level 4. The Nelson Mathematics course is designed to be super-simple. It's all about doing, talking and recording, developing real pace and enthusiasm.

Groups of clearly designed pages in the pupil's book cross-reference with the Nelson Mathematics teacher's resource file.

Those who need additional support will enjoy the simple language and bite-size chunks of work as relief from the indigestible complexity of other textbooks. For teachers who like to mix their materials, Nelson Mathematics Extra stands well on its own as a well-paced, middle to lower ability package.

Nelson offer schools excellent support, including an Internet web-site, a user hotline and free in-service training from their own team of primary maths consultants. Their work is highly recommended by schools and resource bases and Nelson should be congratulated for moving from traditional commercial presentations into genuine advisory work.

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