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Address the real issues facing teachers

Does Brian Boyd (TESS, November 15) not realise the real reason many teachers dismiss "ground-breaking" theories, such as those that deal with the left sideright side of the brain?

It is because the real issues facing teachers are not addressed, and money which could profitably be used to buy new equipment or employ more teachers to reduce class sizes is instead wasted researching the latest educational claptrap. Brian Boyd himself calls for "research to be funded" on the relevance of these theories. More money wasted!

It is telling that, at a time when the Education Minister refuses to back calls for smaller classes, a factor every working teacher knows would raise attainment, members of the faculty of education at Strathclyde University are calling for more money that will keep them employed investigating new educational theories that will become a "fad" for a year or two, before funding is required for the next investigation.

Jobs for the boys indeed!

Veronica McClafferty


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