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Advisers from all sectors welcome

YOUR report (TES, September 22) misses the essential point about the plans for the future of Waltham Forest's education service. They are different in an important respect from the solutions being found in other local education authorities.

What we want - and the minister has agreed - is a strategic publicprivate partnership to advise the council. This partnership will include another, successful, LEA. It will also include local heads and governors. Management of the services will be by the approved contractor, working with and to the new chief educatio officer in a joint management board.

The partner LEA will be for the council to choose. Whether or not the partner also provides services will depend to some extent on whether the successful contractor brings another authority as partner in its consortium. At present no options have been closed down. In the meantime, however, it could be that other authorities provide some short-term help in the way your report suggests.

Stephen Sharp

Chief education officer

Waltham Forest borough council

High Road

Leyton, London E10

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