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WE elected our chair with a one-third majority before we knew about recent changes in the regulations. Are any

decisions we have made illegal?

NO. The same collection of recent amendments to the

regulations as the one about a two-thirds quorum to elect the chair also said that no decision of a governing body was made invalid simply by any irregularity in the appointment of the chair or vice-chair.

In future, however, we must all remember that we need two-thirds of governors in post at a meeting to carry out this important election.

You and your colleagues - and the chair, of course - might feel happier if you confirmed your choice at your next meeting with the requisite proportion

taking part. But have no fars about the legality of any decisions you may have made in the meantime.

WERE we meant to review our committee membership at the first meeting of the year, as well as elect the chair?

NO, the review of committee membership, terms of reference, and rules doesn't have to be at a particular meeting as long as it is done once a year.

That regulation took effect a year ago, however, so if you didn't have a review during the school year 1999-2000 you are due for one


The first meeting of the year is a good time anyway for doing this, and very

suitable for all your governing body

housekeeping. It is a time when all sorts of problems which have arisen can be put right without getting personal.

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