Aladdin's-Cave catalogue

Together with its Aladdin's-Cave catalogue of resources, Oxfam has just reissued two popular titles. Mapping Our World invites upper primary and lower secondary pupils to redesign the planet, showing 14 "correct" ways of configuring the continents. Size, importance and marginalisation are seen to be a function of the chosen projection and the political assumptions associated with it. Go Bananas! starts with trees in the Caribbean and ends with chompng children in Britain. In so doing, it provides many opportunities for examining issues of economic justice as well as thinking about time, space and nutrition. The Oxfam Education Resources catalogue (free), Mapping Our World (pound;9) and Go Bananas! (pound;14) are available through Oxfam, co BEBC Distribution, PO Box 1496, Parkstone, Poole, Dorset BH12 3YD. Tel: 01202 712933. Website for children:

Tom Deveson

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