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All that, and then the earth moved

For Steve Braysher, head of geography at Ponteland community high school, in Newcastle, it was the trip of a lifetime. A group of his students won a 10-day VIP study trip to Pakistan with Akhter Computers. Mr Braysher was the lucky so and so who got to go along.

"It was an absolutely extraordinary experience, especially for a geography teacher. You have got the Himalayas , the most amazing knife-edge ridges.

You have the glacier landscapes, flooded plains. You've got the Khyber Pass. You meet the people and see their lifestyle. We even got to talk to the president."

Mr Brayscher couldn't quite put his finger on it, but there was one added detail that would make everything perfect. Then it happened: a massive 6.8 Richter earthquake hit at 2.25 one morning. After a few moments concern for his charges, Mr Brayscher admits the geography teacher in him took over:

"It was like: this is it. Feel that floor rock and roll! Let's go for that, yeah!"

(Anxious parents should note that the epicentre was 450kms away from the hotel so the school party was quite safe.)

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