The all-free internet musical box

Free music, pictures and videos are all available at the click of a mouse, it was revealed at the SAMEconference.

In a presentation, "More free stuff from the internet", Stuart Clyde extolled the virtues of the world wide web directing teachers towards the Google search engine's picture category and Yahoo! for video clips.

Both pictures and clips can be uploaded onto school websites to provide revision aids available to pupils at home, he suggested.

Mr Clyde told delegates. "Anything you want to look at, someone's probably downloaded it onto the internet.

"Nothing I am showing you is illegal. I'm not going to tell you how to download Coldplay's latest album, but if you have any worries about distributing this content, contact your local authority for advice."

Closer to home, Mr Clyde recommended the Scran website ( which is free to teachers and focuses on Scottish music. He said:"This is a really under-used resource, initially created for images, but now there's everything on it."

Recommending the "create" option on the site, he added: "It gives you lots of really cool options for how you can present your work."

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