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All power to the bully-beating bid

I was quite floored to read Kenny Frederick's account of having been bullied at her former school (TES, April 13) and how this motivated her into becoming a headteacher. I felt that I was reading almost an exact account of what happened to me. Her situation turned out better in the end as she was able to escape her bullies before they did her permanent harm, and now she is in a position to make sure it doesn't happen to staff or pupils at her school. I wish her well in her endeavours.

I, too, was a senior manager who came under fire both from above and below after doing well in an Ofsted inspection and having good results, behaviourally and academically, in my classes. The bullying continued for four years, despite a change of management, as it was more from below than above. My bully was extremely manipulative, pulled strings and got others to collude with her. Also, I was not the only person in the school to suffer such treatment. In the end, instead of bringing me down, the school and its senior management team, which condoned this behaviour, even aiding it at times, were themselves brought down.

I understand completely about wanting to "out the person who had caused such misery". Truly, I believe Ms Frederick ought to do that, even though it was years ago, if only for peace of mind that she has done everything possible to ensure no one else has to suffer as she and her bullied colleagues did. It doesn't take much - a well-placed letter filled only with the facts, perhaps with any paper evidence that may be available. We are survivors - along with many others, I'm sure. This experience is something that will stay with us for the rest of our lives - hopefully to be used only for the positive effect we can have on others.

I applaud Ms Frederick for her determination that it should not happen to anyone else.

Sondra Lieber, Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA

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