Almost 300 providers have subcontracting restricted by the SFA

Colleges and training providers which continue to fail to meet requirements will be named and shamed online

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Almost 300 colleges and training providers could have their subcontracting arrangements restricted for 2016-17 because they did not comply with the requirements imposed by the Skills Funding Agency.

The SFA announced on Friday that it had written to just under 300 providers for whom it had been unable to find evidence that they had complied with all subcontracting requirements by the agency’s deadline.

The non-compliant providers were informed that their arrangements were now being restricted, with measures including the termination of existing subcontracts before 1 August, and not entering any new subcontracts for delivery in 2016-17.

Deadline imposed

These restrictions would be lifted if the providers were able to supply the information requested in the SFA’s letter by Friday 3 June, the funding agency said.

However, any providers failing to meet that deadline would not only see the restrictions remain in place, they would also be included in a list published on the government’s website and available to the sector, to ensure prospective subcontractors “know the lead providers who are unable to issue 2016-17 subcontracts for delivery funded by us”.

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